unistar-plastics-recycle-baleGone are the days of “Bigger is Better”. Today’s customer demand smaller carbon footprints without sacrificing quality. Sustainability is a massive social, political, technological, cultural, and behavioral transition.

Our approach to sustainability is to create a safe and open environment for the exchange of ideas and procedures that have accountability. Our objective is to innovate and execute in every dimension of how our business operates to sustain our resources for future generations.

We track all of our business segments seeking source reductions. We have improved lighting with sky lights in our facilities resulting in reduced energy consumption and have eliminated business travel with teleconferencing when appropriate. Initiating office paper recycling helps making paper aware of our sustainable projects and helps create behavioral changes. Departmental meetings have been established to improve employee involvement in resource preservation at every stage of production. For all new products that we introduce into the market place, we strive to ensure that we have a smaller carbon footprint than our competitors. Supermarket partnerships have been established to collect returned clean plastic T-Sacks that can be recycled into new products.

Unistar’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond our walls with our Supplier Code of Conduct. It requires all of our vendors to make a commitment to their sustainability initiatives if they want to do business with us.