For a pouch pad product that has been virtually unchanged for over 3 Food-Pad-Sleeve-OPTdecades, we have reduced the size of the conventional pad, improved the absorbency, and provided a better more sanitary package that makes it easy to handle the pads and reduce waste. We provide Black, White, Rose, Blue, and Yellow film pouch pads in conventional 40 and 50 gram identification.

Our improved absorbency is a result of adding super-absorbent powder. Our pouch pads are produced to absorb from both sides so no more worrying about which particular side to place the pad in the tray. Along with dual sided absorption, you have the ability to reduce the SKU’s by having one pad function as two: Black film on 1 side and White film on the other. There is no wicking. Only natural juices are absorbed.

We package our pads in four sealed sleeves of 500 pads to maintain the utmost sanitary conditions. When you open our carton and select one sleeve, you maintain the cleanliness of the remaining 3 sealed sleeves until you are ready to use.

Incorporating our Sustainability Initiative to innovate and execute is what we have achieved with introducing our SUPER SOAK’N™ Pouch Pads. Our pads provide a source reduction of 15% in the product and packaging. 15% less material provides a smaller cube thus creating a smaller carbon footprint. Smaller Cases means less storage space is needed for our pads.

Our SUPER SOAK’N™ Pouch Pads satisfy USFDA regulations concerning direct food content: CFR21 Section177.1520; CF21Section176.170; CFR21175.105 and FCN427.