unistar-plastics-t-shirt-bagUnistar manufactures self-opening 100% recycled plastic carry out bags. Primary recycling collection points for your carryout bags are conveniently located for you to recycle your used bags at your local participating supermarket.

We manufacture bags in 1/7, 1/6, and 1/5 sizes. Linear Low Density, High Density, and compostable films are used in the production of our bags. Our facilities are located in New Orleans and Houston.

As part of our Sustainability agenda, all of our bags can contain a minimum of 25% recycled materials upon customer request. We have recycling machines to regrind our collected Plastic HDPE bags into resin pellets to create new clean bags using recycled resin.

We have an “in house” design department to provide custom printed bags in up to 4 colors with face book, twitter, and QR code to enhance the marketing brand of your retail establishment. A minimum printed order can be as little as 144,000 custom bags.