KWIK BAG™ is a proprietary bag system designed to allow for easy bag dispensing and easy loading in convenience and retail stores. The under the counter design location is space saving and simple to use.

Kwik BagKWIK BAG™ is mounted under the counter in a position that allows the bags to be easily accessed and dispensed. The open wire frame construction of the dispenser is durable and does not allow for dirt or debris buildup. Single bag dispensing saves money and reduces waste.

The holding plate is easily removed from the dispenser so the loading of bags can be done on top of the counter eliminating the need to bend over while reloading. While loading, store personnel are able to maintain eye contact with the customer for better service. The cashier’s vision of the store area remains unobstructed for security purposes.

The KWIK BAG™ system can accommodate multiple size bags and is compact enough to be used in tight checkout spaces.