Unistar Plastics offers a wide variety of can liners. We manufacture both HDPE and LLDPE to fit your requirements.

  • HDPE can liners are economical and functional.
  • The film thickness for HDPE liners is measured in micron (mic).
  • Perforated rolls provide easy handling and portion control.
  • Star bottom, sealed through 8 layers of film, is strong and leak resistant.
  • They provide odor containment and are temperature resistant.
  • HDPE can liners are thinner and stronger. This provides an efficient shipping and storage cost.
  • Common uses for HDPE liners are for paper, cardboard and foodservice waste.

LLDPE can liners are used when maximum puncture and tear resistance are required.

  • Puncture resistance is suited for objects that are sharp or pointed.
  • Tear resistance for situations when harsh handling and transportation are experienced.
  • Perforated roll for easy handling.
  • Star bottom seal for leak resistance.
  • Common uses for LLDPE can liners are for rough objects where puncture and tear resistance is required
  • The film thickness for LLDPE can liners is measured in mil.